COVID and the Village Hall

In light of the current publicity regarding measures to reduce the risk of a COVID outbreak the Village Hall Management Committee wish to restate its policy of ‘personal responsibility’ – we should all think carefully about minimising the risk to ourselves, and more importantly, to others. Wearing a face mask is not mandatory but may be a good idea if you have concerns for your safety. It is our suggestion that before attending an event where you will be mixing with others you carry out a lateral flow test to ensure you are not infected. This is particularly relevant when attending larger events.

Incognosis’ Incogtinuing Christmas Party – SOLD OUT

The 4th December sees the sold out Incogtinuing Xmas Party; Yes (subject to any Government rules!) we are going to honour one of the many legacies of our late Mik Griff and party this Christmas.  So, enjoy Harvest celebrations, Tremble at Halloween, Wrap up for the Village Fireworks, then polish up yer dancin’ shoes ready to party with us on 4th December.  Oh and don’t forget to tune up your vocals to join in some “Krissmess” carol singing!


Diseworth Blues

Back after COVID in 2021

Diseworth Village Hall is the home of a Blues Club simply called “Diseworth Blues”.

The aim of the independent  club is to bring live music to the village on a monthly basis from national and internationally renowned Blues acts at a reasonable price. You will find details on the ‘Events’ page – click “Special Events”.

Tickets can be obtained from www.muckyduckpromotions.co.uk or by calling Martyn on 07731 435758.


Village Hall – July’21 Update

The government’s relaxation of COVID-19 rules has moved to Step 4 where most legal restrictions have been lifted and we have been advised that the virus will be a feature of our lives for the foreseeable future, so we need to learn to live with it and manage the risk to ourselves and others.

With the above in mind the Village Hall is now open and available for normal use, although all users will be required to record the contact details of all attendees to support NHS Test and Trace system. The QR code will be retained at the entrances to check in using the NHS COVID-19 app.

There is no requirement for table service at live events, or restrictions on singing or dancing. We do not need to stay 2 metres apart from people we do not live with now so the limit on numbers attending the Hall returns to the licensed 100 persons capacity.

However, the government is keeping in place key protections:

  • test when you have symptoms to help people manage personal risk.
  • isolating when positive or when contacted by NHS Test and Trace.
  • cautious guidance for individuals, whilst prevalence is high including:
    • wear face coverings in crowded areas.
    • let fresh air in by opening windows and doors when possible.
    • minimise the number, proximity, and duration of social contacts.
  • continue with the Test & Trace system.

It is important that everyone uses their personal judgement to manage risk. All of us can play our part by exercising common sense to control the potential spread of the virus. Every action to help reduce the spread will reduce any further resurgence of the virus in the coming months.

Please keep yourself and others safe.


The above information was extracted and personalised from the following government website:


Boxing Day Fun Run

Boxing Day Fun Run 2019

Although the rain on Boxing Day managed to wet a good few running vests, it didn’t even come close to dampening the spirits of any of the runners, spectators and volunteers who turned out for the annual Fun Run, the race’s 38th outing.

This year, the Run started from the Village Hall where folk were able to enjoy a fortifying hot drink before venturing out. Hilary’s spiced apple cordial proved very popular and one bright soul added to it a splash of something from a hipflask; perhaps a technique more might follow next year?

Fittingly, the race was started by Dave Adcock who began the Fun Run tradition back in 1981 and did the organising for many years afterwards. This year, the event was run by a team from the village’s four charities (the Friends of Diseworth School, the Heritage Centre, the Friends of Diseworth Church and the Village Hall) and a magnificent total of £1,162.20 was raised, with each charity receiving £290.55.

Sincere thanks to the many people who took part by running, spectating, organising, volunteering and digging deep into their pockets. It is impossible to mention everyone but the organisers would particularly like to thank:

Our Platinum Sponsors: Martin of “Wired Wright”, Rob of “R.O. Steven” and the Parish Council;

Our Gold Sponsors: Mike and Julie Doyle, Rob and Hilary Kenney, Neil and Margaret Hassall, Chris and Julie Draycott;

All at The Plough;

Rev. Louise Corke for judging the Fancy Dress.

This was a wonderful team effort and we’re hoping to build on this success next year when the Fun Run will be bigger and better. Start training NOW!


The Winners

Under 11 (one lap)

1st: Thomas Brown

2nd: A.J. Barratt

3rd: Beth Clark

Under 16

1st: Ben Higginbottom

2nd: William Marshall

3rd: Freddie Kleijwegt


1st: Claire Jarram

2nd: Tracey Darley

3rd: Sophie Shatford


1st: Daniel Shatford

2nd: Richard Martin

3rd Sam Gartside

Fancy Dress

Nigel Jackson

Special mention goes to Sophie Ridler (aged 2) and her cousin Rory (aged 3) who walked and cycled round twice, and to Beau Briggs-Minton (aged 9) who ran the whole 2-mile course.


Diseworth Village Show

This year’s Village Show is all about having fun, your programme will be delivered during August when you can get all the details.

We look forward to seeing you there on September 7th.

Annual Village Litter Pick

Annual Village litter pick with help from UPS®

Sunday 14th April

The annual village litter pick attracted a record number of volunteers this year, 30 people from the village and UPS® turned up on a cold morning to help clean up our beautiful village. It is a real pity that many thoughtless people seem to think they can ditch their litter anywhere, they have no pride in their country; however the sterling folk of Diseworth are up to the challenge.

The group of intrepid volunteers armed with bags, gloves and picking sticks they set off. Mick Steven ran around the village with his truck to pick up the bags. This was just as well for a massive amount was collected. We were truly amazed at the quantity and what was collected!!! Tea and coffee were served as each group returned and the conversation was about the mess around our village.

This was our final pile; it included old wheels, cans of cooking oil and all manner of rubbish. It is a disgrace that people feel they have the right to do this, however it shows the great community spirit in our village that once again we have risen to the challenge.

Thank you to all who turned out to support us.

Graham and Sue, Diseworth Village Hall and Diseworth Parish Council.