Village Hall 200 Club

We really appreciate you supporting the Village Hall 200 Club Lottery and take delight in paying out prizes to the lucky winners every month – see the 200 Club page for details. Annual subscriptions are due in May so, if you already have your number, reminders will be sent out by e-mail or letter – your prompt payment is appreciated. If you don’t have a number and want to have the chance of a prize, please let us know and we will be pleased to enrol you.

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200 Club winner notification for whole year 2018-2019


Annual Village Litter Pick

Annual Village litter pick with help from UPS®

Sunday 14th April

The annual village litter pick attracted a record number of volunteers this year, 30 people from the village and UPS® turned up on a cold morning to help clean up our beautiful village. It is a real pity that many thoughtless people seem to think they can ditch their litter anywhere, they have no pride in their country; however the sterling folk of Diseworth are up to the challenge.

The group of intrepid volunteers armed with bags, gloves and picking sticks they set off. Mick Steven ran around the village with his truck to pick up the bags. This was just as well for a massive amount was collected. We were truly amazed at the quantity and what was collected!!! Tea and coffee were served as each group returned and the conversation was about the mess around our village.

This was our final pile; it included old wheels, cans of cooking oil and all manner of rubbish. It is a disgrace that people feel they have the right to do this, however it shows the great community spirit in our village that once again we have risen to the challenge.

Thank you to all who turned out to support us.

Graham and Sue, Diseworth Village Hall and Diseworth Parish Council.

New for 2019

Table Tennis at the Village Hall – Thursday afternoons 2 to 4pm.

Regular Sessions now running at £2.50 per person.

Equipment provided.

Light refreshments available at 50p extra.

All welcome.

UPS and the Village Hall Firework Display

UPS® and the Village Hall Firework Display

Remember, remember the 5th November, that’s when the Diseworth Village Hall puts on its annual firework display. This year the weather was perfect which meant the event was extremely well attended with around 200 people were treated to a great display of pyrotechnics.

As with most things in village life, events like these are arranged by groups of willing volunteers and Diseworth is no exception. In parallel with the spectacular display of fireworks hot food and drinks were to be available in the Hall for the many spectators. As usual the Village Hall Committee needed help from around the village to make it happen and thanks must go to all that gave up their valuable time to put on this brilliant show.

This year it was recognised that some additional help was required so we were assisted by four UPS employees based at East Midlands Airport. The company runs a volunteer scheme where employees assist local charities, they are not paid for this work but it is encouraged to engender good community relations with the company’s neighbours.

The helpers from UPS provided additional marshalling and supervision, even taking responsibility for lighting the children’s sparklers and, perhaps the most valuable of all assistance with the big clear up afterwards. The Village Hall Committee, and all involved, thank them for their contribution to the evening and were pleased to hear that the four, hard-working crew enjoyed themselves too.

Lighting The Way

A recent Fire Safety inspection noted that some of the exit routes from the Village Hall were poorly lit and this could cause problems in the event of an emergency. So, as the dark nights are upon us, we have fitted new PIR Security Lights around the hall.

There are three of them; two are on the fire escape route from the committee room exit to the car park and the other is by the kitchen door. Although the latter is not a designated escape route anyone using or leaving the kitchen or committee room that way will find it extremely useful. The lights are solar powered and will only activate when movement is detected close to them.

In addition to the above, and as part of our on-going improvement programme, a smoke detector has been installed in the Kitchen area to improve fire safety.

Village Hall Committee

Warming up the Hall

Winter is coming!

As the cold weather marches inexorably towards us the users of, and visitors to, the Village Hall will be pleased to hear that a new central heating boiler has been installed to replace the old faulty one.

We have taken the opportunity to have a modern, more efficient, model fitted with the new intelligent NEST thermostat to improve the environment for all events, meetings and classes. As we try to understand the new system we may not always get it right so would appreciate any feedback regarding the temperature set for your booking, good or bad, this will enable us to establish a heating pattern for your future comfort.

Please send your feedback by e-mail to:

Thank you

The Committee

Village Show Raffle

Sorry this is a little late but there were some raffle prizes unclaimed at the Show this year.

Please check if you still have your tickets and let us know if you are a lucky winner.

The winning tickets are all PINK – numbers: 158, 256, 258 & 396.

Father’s Day Breakfast

Sunday June 17th was the first ever Father’s Day Breakfast event to be held at the Village Hall. The plan was hatched a few months previously and grew and grew. Much deliberation was taken as to marketing, quantities of food required and the logistics of cooking a full breakfast on a barbecue.

The day didn’t dawn bright and sunny but at least it didn’t rain. The first family arrived at 9:15am, and a steady stream of folk entered the hall thereafter, culminating in a mad rush at about 10:15am which put some pressure on the hard working cooks and servers, but they were not fazed by this and coped admirably.

The food was hot, tasty and plentiful. Families sat and chatted over cups of tea and coffee and children cleared the plates and ate lollies.

In total 60 meals were served and if you work out that most had two fried eggs each, that meant that Dave Wilby – ‘master chef and egg cooker’ – worked his way through a mountain of eggs and only broke 3 – not bad. Mick Steven and Graham Roberts manned the barbecue, and once they had mastered the vagaries of the gas settings, they proceeded to cook vast quantities of sausage and bacon. Added to this were catering size amounts of baked beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, hash browns and bread.

Thanks to Sue Roberts, Di Wilby and Jane Cunningham for their coolheadedness in a hot and steamy kitchen, and to Vanessa Johnson, Marie Slevin and Sadie Dunmore for washing up afterwards and to all those who tidied away the tables and chairs – what a great community spirit.

It was a great success and we hope to repeat it next year (and not before!!)